These thoughts and values will guide my decisions as a Trustee so that the students, not only of Ward G but all students in the Edmonton Public School Board, get the best education possible.

I believe education can guide and inspire students to discover and then consciously learn to foster their own potential. A good education provides the opportunity for each student to graduate with a firm belief in their own talents whatever direction they choose. The success of society as a whole is in direct relationship to the importance we place on education.

I have said for decades that the top two professions in the world are Parenting and Teaching. The rest of us are just in the service of those two professions to ensure they succeed. I am keenly aware that not everyone shares my belief but just IMAGINE how much better the world might be if they did.

We are living in interesting times – very interesting times. Education is being attacked on all fronts from political ideologies, budgets, health and safety, and mental wellness, just to name a few. It will be my job as a Trustee to have the uncomfortable conversations with government when short-term political points are being scored over the long-term needs of students.

A one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter ideology of education does not serve us well. It never did and certainly does not in the high-speed internet world of today and the even faster world of tomorrow.

A student starting kindergarten today graduates grade 12 in 2034. School Board members with one eye firmly focused on the day-to-day workings now and another focused on 2034 and beyond will be creating an environment for all students to thrive in the future.

I believe in funding education so every student thrives. I believe when government properly funds public education is it making a sound investment in Alberta’s success. I also believe in fiscal responsibility and that by diving deep into the annual budgets we can find places for shifts and changes that could lead to possible re-allocation of funds rather than always requiring additional funding to meet the growing needs of students.

I do not believe in the line, “Well this is how we have always done it so…” That type of thinking was outdated in the last century and is a critical error moving forward.

Change is the only constant and that is certainly true for education. EPSB needs to view the challenges of today through the lens of long-term/critical thinking to keep our current and future students ahead of the curve.