Curriculum & COVID

I have a growing concern about the expanding divide between the US and THEM camps and I work hard at listening, hearing, and understanding people’s views that differ from my own. Communication and the art of conveying one’s ideas are not always best served by the internet. Yet here I go hoping to express my stance on our Curriculum Challenge and Covid Protocols:

Masks and Covid Protocols in Schools:

My position is simple I wish we didn’t have to wear masks and yet I fully support EPSB in their commitment to protecting all students, teachers, and staff. The wearing of masks, social distancing, and all other procedures put in place by The Board and the Superintendent have done an award-winning job at navigating a very difficult time in history. The Board has everyone’s best interests and they will continue to adapt as we move our way through this pandemic.


As a Trustee, I want to find, build or resurrect the needed bridges between concerned public voices and the Ministry of Education. That may seem impossible to some and yet having two sides just saying the other is wrong… who gains or learns anything from that.

That said, I stand firmly with Trisha Estabrooks, Chair of the EPSB, camp and the camp of 58 of 61 school boards that oppose the curriculum draft.

The Ministry sets curriculum and that is a fact but the strength of over 90% of educators and thousands of parents and students who oppose the Draft needs to be listened to, heard, and understood by the government. We elect them to represent us and it is clear to me this new curriculum does not reflect the needs of 21st-century students nor the will of the people. Parents from across all political divides are against this. That shared opposition will lead to a rewrite of the curriculum in it’s current form. I believe electing a board that unanimously opposes the Draft will ensure our success in shifting the government’s mind and creating a curriculum that supports students and ensure their success in life.

I have taken the risk to express my thoughts in the belief that we are on the same side of these issues. If we are not, I would very much like to hear from you about Covid protocols and understand what part of the curriculum works for you and your take on the overwhelming response opposing it.

Listening Hearing Understanding

Simple not easy and yet the intelligent way forward.